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Helpful Healthy Aging Hints for Seniors

Everyone wants to know the secrets of a long and healthy life. Healthy aging involves both genetic and behavioral factors. Since inherited health issues may be beyond our control, the answer to healthy aging is far more likely to be found in the things you can control about your life, your environment and your lifestyle.

While genetics heavily influence life expectancies, your diet really matters. A lot. Diets, high in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy fats like olive oil are proven to improve overall health. This diet has been linked to a healthier older age, lower risk for heart disease, and even protection against memory loss.

You’ve heard “exercise is good for you,” but what are the dangers of not exercising? A sedentary lifestyle can put you at risk for diabetes, obesity, back pain, heart disease and depression. Some studies show that sitting for as little as three hours per day can shorten your lifespan. Research has shown that walking has the potential to improve all aspects of our health, and it’s never too late to see those benefits.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. For many seniors, one of the biggest concerns is how to fill each day with meaningful pursuits. A key to growing old gracefully and happily is to actually take the time to do the things we have been putting off. Dust off some of your old hobbies, travel, learn a new skill and get out there!

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