Maintaining Memory

Tips and Techniques for Keeping Your Gray Matter in the Pink

If you’re experiencing memory lapses, there are a number of things you can do to keep your brain working at optimum efficiency well into your later years. A number of conditions, not only diseases like Alzheimer’s, can cause memory loss in older adults. Getting a prompt diagnosis and appropriate care is important.

Understand that just like any organ in your body, your brain works best when it is well nourished, well rested and exercised regularly. By eating a healthy diet, staying active and getting enough sleep, you can keep your brains sharp and memory intact.
Memory loss is not an inevitable result of aging. In fact, the brain is capable of building new cells at any age. However, just as it is with muscle strength, you have to use it or lose it. There’s a difference, however, between normal changes in memory and the type of memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. Some memory problems are the result of treatable conditions. Knowing the signs and realizing them is the first step towards a timely diagnosis and appropriate care. They are:

  • Asking the same questions over and over again
  • Becoming lost in places you know well
  • Inability to follow directions
  • Extreme confusion about time, people and places
  • Neglecting yourself by eating poorly, not bathing or acting unsafely

Remember healthy habits make for a healthy body and brain. In some cases, memory loss can be caused by treatable conditions and reversible factors. With that being said, it is very important to have a qualified specialist such as a Neurologist, rule out all possible factors prior to diagnosing someone with Alzheimer’s disease or related memory loss disease.

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